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High Fashion and Elegant Cologne for Burberry Hero
Oddly Satisfying Loo, GV70 titled 'Pendulum'
Collab with Renault for the EV Megane Car
Genesis GV70 Oddly Satisfying Loop 'Rollercoaster'
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Oddly Satisfying loops have captured the internet by storm generating billions of views. I have had great success collaborating with Agencies to create Oddly Satisfying loops for Worldwide brands. Whether you want to push a new product or reinforce brand presence on social media, I can create a captivating customized loop just for you.
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Kentucky, United States - Creator since 2023
I am a Senior Motion Artist that specializes in Oddly Satisfying loops. I have over 100 million views across multiple social media platforms. I have successfully collaborated with big brands like Burberry, Hyundai, T-mobile, Renault and more. I have 15+ years of experience in the field of motion graphics and am up to date with the latest software and trends.
I come up with the concept with feedback only coming on textures and lighting
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