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Hey there! JJ Yosh here, the ultimate adventure enthusiast with my sidekick Simon, the adventure-cat extraordinaire. We have over 8.5 million followers on social media. We're here to take your brand on an unforgettable journey! With my full production team, we'll create cinematic and engaging video content that showcases your brand in the most thrilling and awe-inspiring way. Picture breathtaking landscapes, heart-pounding moments, and the undeniable charm of Simon exploring alongside me. Together, we'll weave a story that captures the essence of your brand and leaves viewers wanting more. So, buckle up and let's embark on an epic adventure together, making waves in the world of content creation!
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Colorado, United States - Creator since 2023
I am an adventure filmmaker and one of the country's top outdoor, travel, and lifestyle influencers. I collaborate when possible with my celebrity adventure cat, Simon, aka the @BackPackingKitty who has his own Instagram page and viral TikTok page with over 6.5 million followers. I've hosted TV shows on Discovery, TLC, and the Tastemade networks.
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