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Don't waste time or money on "short form content". TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms that promote short videos are oversaturated and often times the creators have no real "influence" with their viewers. Long form content on YouTube is the tried and true way to reach millions of dedicated, loyal fans who are committed to their creators and the brands they work with. 1 million views on a 10 second TikTok is incredibly ineffective and underwhelming opposed to 1 million views on a 10-15 minute YouTube video. We've worked with all types of brands from video games, Hollywood films, technology (Google, LG, Philips Hue, etc.) to toy, food and restaurant brands. Contact us if you're keen on creating high quality and engaging branded content that will reach millions. Email/message us for PDFs detailing our scope of work and our previous branded campaigns. Thank you
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California, United States - Creator since 2023
I own and run two YouTube channels that collectively have over 19 million subscribers. We have vast experience working with a plethora of brands, and always over deliver exceed expectations. We work hard and fast, and you won't have to worry anything. Don't waste time and money on TikTok or other short form content. If you want a strong ROI work with us on a dedicated YouTube video that will generate millions of views, with extremely high watch time. Contact us for examples of our work.
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