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I shoot beautiful, fun, engaging, content that really resonates with my audience. I photograph with a DSLR and edit professionally, to make sure everything is a high standard. In the past, I've worked with Amazon, HBO, Dunkin', Coca-Cola, OREO, Brooks Brothers, Rachael Ray, Farmer's Dog, and a nice collection of beers, spirits and wine brands. I'd love to work with you too! Check out my content on @AlexShebar and if you love what I do, let's chat about creating some amazing content for you too!
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Weehawken, United States - Creator since 2023
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Alex (in NYC!) Event Planner Eater of good food • Watcher of bad movies • Creator of events 🏠Find me in NJ & Brooklyn | 😀🍔📸 Let’s collab: 📧 alexshebar@gmail.com

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